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Mystical Powerful

Seite 8 Mystical Powerful©Joerg Kraus

such dramatic lighting gives me the chance to express my feelings about horses-mystical powerful and still silent loving creatures.
cameras and Phase One Digital Backs with a resolution of up to 50 megapixels. The digital medium format gives me the opportunity to have a huge dynamic tonal range in my pictures­ from very dark to very bright and the resolution is excellent for large format prints. I admire the work of Degas and Rembrandt and other ancient master painters­especially those who used the light to their advantage. Another living artist I admire is the German painter Klaus Philip­to many he is one of the best horse painters of the last century. Unfortunately I am not a good painter but with my photography I'm able to express myself and my vision. It's not by accident that the meaning photography is drawing or writing with light. As a photographer it is important to see a development of my pictures every year. I love to look back at the end of every year seeing the progress of my abilities and also my knowledge about horses and the way they are. You never stop learning and you grow by your photographic challenges.
Joerg Kraus info@equine-fineart.com www.equine-fineart.com Studio: Siemensstr. 18, 35394 Geissen, Germany

(All images copyright Joerg Kraus.)

Art Horse Magazine . Issue 10 . p 19

Text ©Art Horse Magazine 2010 (Issue 10) - www.arthorsemagazine.com - Images ©Joerg Kraus, equine-fineart.com

©Joerg Kraus

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