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Mystical Powerful

Seite 7 Mystical PowerfulOne of my favorite stories was when a lady called me to phtotograph her 20 year old mare. The vet had told her that this horse would most probably not survive the next two weeks because of allergic asthma. I immediately cancelled all my appointments to follow her wish. The horse was incredible and perfectly educated. She would listen just to the commands of her owner, even rearing on command was possible. The horse behaved during the shooting like a 3year old youngster and was totally enjoying herself­nothing at all of a sick horse. The lady was absolutely surprised and so glad when she received the pictures. That was back in November 2009. Almost three months

later she called me just to say that her beloved horse is in such good condition since the photoshoot and she can hardly believe the change her horse went through. Maybe the shooting had a little side effect on the horse's health, maybe just for the fact that she had full attention for a little while!

I love to do portraits like these as well as motion shots, both have their individual strengths. Horses with a certain talent are my favourite subjects. Great show-jumpers and dressage horses, but horses with a strong relationship towards their owner as well. All the work is done by myself, during the shooting session I usually have an assistant who helps carrying and setting up the lights etc. I always use artificial light, battery pack studio strobes to create my desired lighting effects­even outdoors. My flash equipment comes from Elinchrom, it's very rugged­dirt and moisture doesn't affect it at all. I mainly use Hasselblad
©Joerg Kraus

Art Horse Magazine . Issue 10 . p 18

Text ©Art Horse Magazine 2010 (Issue 10) - www.arthorsemagazine.com - Images ©Joerg Kraus, equine-fineart.com

©Joerg Kraus

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