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Mystical Powerful

Seite 4 Mystical Powerfulenjoy being in the center of attention. I got a Kodak pocket camera as a kid, and did my first black and white shots. I was always into photography, but only with the breakthrough of digital capturing was it the right medium for me­I could instantly get a result without waiting for films to be developed. Especially when shooting horses it's very helpful to get an immediate feedback from your camera. Things never get boring for me, every new picture is another challenge for me. Every photo shoot I am doing defines me in a new way; you never know what will happen before you start it. A memorable shooting was for the Frankfurt mounted police squad. It was right in the heart of Frankfurt's banking district­an extreme contrast: in front the horses and the dramatic background of the modern architecture. It was a big city location with two police squad horses and four assistants. The

The pictures reflect how I personally see these wonderful creatures ­ in a heroic, iconic and sometimes very sensual way.
shooting took place in front of about 300 astonished spectators watching the scene. This was a real challenge and it showed me all the possibilities and restrictions one could have. It's very satisfying once you're finished with one work and eventually print out your image and see it as a huge format print. I always stand back to see it, and many pictures will make me shiver with emotions. But what really gives me a boost is when a customer is close to tears when he or she receives picture of their own horse. It has happened many times, and will always be very emotional and special moments for me.
©Joerg Kraus

Art Horse Magazine . Issue 10 . p 12 Text ©Art Horse Magazine 2010 (Issue 10) - www.arthorsemagazine.com Images ©Joerg Kraus, equine-fineart.com

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