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Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 2: with its aristocratic models posed against dramatic backgrounds. And yet his image is of a new, techno-lineage as well, made possible by the ultra-sharp, medium format digital Hasselblad and carefully placed artificial lighting. This is an artist with a complete understanding of his light and equipment. And somehow, through all of that technology, an artist's homage to a painter--Rembrandt-- still manages to come through. So, Joerg Kraus, why are you a photographer? ful creatures­in a h.. Seite 2 online blättern

Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 7: horse was incredible and perfectly educated. She would listen just to the commands of her owner, even rearing on command was possible. The horse behaved during the shooting like a 3year old youngster and was totally enjoying herself­nothing at all of a sick horse. The lady was absolutely surprised and so glad when she received the pictures. That was back in November 2009. Almost three months later she called me just to say that her beloved horse is in such good condition since the photos.. Seite 7 online blättern

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