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Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 2: s travelled the globe to photograph horses in Africa, Asia, and Europe. His is an image that is born of formal, high-fashion photography lineage, with its aristocratic models posed against dramatic backgrounds. And yet his image is of a new, techno-lineage as well, made possible by the ultra-sharp, medium format digital Hasselblad and carefully placed artificial lighting. This is an artist with a complete understanding of his light and equipment. And somehow, through all of that technolo.. Seite 2 online blättern

Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 4: in the center of attention. I got a Kodak pocket camera as a kid, and did my first black and white shots. I was always into photography, but only with the breakthrough of digital capturing was it the right medium for me­I could instantly get a result without waiting for films to be developed. Especially when shooting horses it's very helpful to get an immediate feedback from your camera. Things never get boring for me, every new picture is another challenge for me. Every photo shoot I am.. Seite 4 online blättern

Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 8: s Philip­to many he is one of the best horse painters of the last century. Unfortunately I am not a good painter but with my photography I'm able to express myself and my vision. It's not by accident that the meaning photography is drawing or writing with light. As a photographer it is important to see a development of my pictures every year. I love to look back at the end of every year seeing the progress of my abilities and also my knowledge about horses and the way they are. You.. Seite 8 online blättern

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