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Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 2: Europe. His is an image that is born of formal, high-fashion photography lineage, with its aristocratic models posed against dramatic backgrounds. And yet his image is of a new, techno-lineage as well, made possible by the ultra-sharp, medium format digital Hasselblad and carefully placed artificial lighting. This is an artist with a complete understanding of his light and equipment. And somehow, through all of that technology, an artist's homage to a painter--Rembrandt-- still manages t.. Seite 2 online blättern

Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 4: ted police squad. It was right in the heart of Frankfurt's banking district­an extreme contrast: in front the horses and the dramatic background of the modern architecture. It was a big city location with two police squad horses and four assistants. The The pictures reflect how I personally see these wonderful creatures ­ in a heroic, iconic and sometimes very sensual way. shooting took place in front of about 300 astonished spectators watching the scene. This was a real challenge and it.. Seite 4 online blättern

Seite 1 Mystical PowerfulSeite 8: dramatic lighting gives me the chance to express my feelings about horses-mystical powerful and still silent loving creatures. cameras and Phase One Digital Backs with a resolution of up to 50 megapixels. The digital medium format gives me the opportunity to have a huge dynamic tonal range in my pictures­ from very dark to very bright and the resolution is excellent for large format prints. I admire the work of Degas and Rembrandt and other ancient master painters­especially those who use.. Seite 8 online blättern

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