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Mystical Powerful

Seite 2 Mystical Powerful©Joerg Kraus

interview by L. Raff

Joerg Kraus is one of the new breed of equine photographers who is turning the world of equine portraiture into cuttingedge art. Working out of Geissen, Germany, he has travelled the globe to photograph horses in Africa, Asia, and Europe. His is an image that is born of formal, high-fashion photography lineage, with its aristocratic models posed against dramatic backgrounds. And yet his image is of a new, techno-lineage as well, made possible by the ultra-sharp,

medium format digital Hasselblad and carefully placed artificial lighting. This is an artist with a complete understanding of his light and equipment. And somehow, through all of that technology, an artist's homage to a painter--Rembrandt-- still manages to come through. So, Joerg Kraus, why are you a photographer?

ful creatures­in a heroic, iconic and sometimes very sensual way. Only the utilization of such dramatic lighting gives me the chance to express my feelings about horses­mystical powerful and still silent loving creatures. I love challenges, and animals­especially horses­are the most difficult creatures to take pictures of. They are not like photographing a human being, which can stand still for minutes. You can't force them to look interested if they are bored, you can't force them to put their ears in the right position. But you also never know what beautiful insights a horse will show you. And, some are really talented and they


just love the possibilities to use light and show things in a different way. Especially horses, which are usually shown in a very basic, naturalistic way. The pictures reflect how I personally see these wonder-

Art Horse Magazine . Issue 10 . p 13

Text ©Art Horse Magazine 2010 (Issue 10) - www.arthorsemagazine.com - Images ©Joerg Kraus, equine-fineart.com

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